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In 2007 my husband and I went to a bead collector's conference in Istanbul (he's a collector of old, mostly glass, beads) and we came across a German glass artist, Michaela Möller, who was demonstrating making blown beads on the torch.  She invited me to sit behind the torch to make a simple little bead and that's all it took to become instantly hooked!
In Istanbul with Michaela Möller
The hobby became a real passion in no time and eventually a small business on the side. I sell both finished jewelry pieces and loose beads for people who want to make their own creations.  I'm not interested in production work ... each piece is unique. Though I make all sorts of glass beads, hollow and blown beads are my specialty.
Since 2014 I've expanded the collection beyond jewelry and beads to include decorative pieces in glass.  Always curious about various types of glass and about new  techniques -- learning is a life-long process for me.
I like to share my knowledge and passion for glass by giving workshops and offering one-on-one help.  I want more and more people in Belgium to experience how fun it is to work with hot glass -- and hopefully to ignite another's passion for glass!
Frequently asked questions

Where are you from?
I'm from the west coast of America.  Born in Los Angeles, I've also lived in San Francisco, Olympia, Portland and Seattle.

What brought you to Belgium?
Work brought me here but love made me stay.  I worked for 25 years as an independent IT consultant, the last several years of which for Nike.  This brought me to Laakdal for several 3-month trips beginning in 1996.  In Hasselt I ran into the man of my dreams and stayed put after that.  Married in 2000 and taking on dual citizenship a few years later,  I feel well settled into the Belgian culture.

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