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Decorative work
Flower that never wilt or die

These glass flowers are handmade at the torch from borosilicate glass, perhaps best known as laboratory glass.  Many of the colors give a surprising effect under artificial light -- other colors appear, often sparkling!  Beautiful in a grouping of 3 or more in a vase filled with some sand or nestled in a houseplant.
For your dressing table

Perfume bottles 10-15 cm tall, hand-blown from clear or amber-colored borosilicate glass, some with a touch of color on the stopper.  The shorter versions (not shown here) are also appropriate for storing a portion of the cremated remains of a family member or pet.
For your dining table

These candle holders come in various sizes and shapes, but each one is hand-blown from clear borosilicate glass.  Every piece is unique!
Christmas decorations

These icicles and round ornaments are hand-blown from borosilicate glass.  Some are filled with colored water, some remain clear.  Hang them on every branch of your tree for a beautiful reflection of the lights!
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